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  AIDS is the world recognized refractory disease, it is spreading at an alarming rate, seriously endangering the health of human beings, so-called "the plague of the century", "human killer", etc., to explain its arrival's impact on humans.

  AIDS though terrible, but as long as the correct understanding of AIDS, understand the HIV/AIDS, is completely can prevent the publicity, education has a far-reaching significance.

  In accordance with the superior file spirit, to a large number of students in our school publicity and education activities, using the class meeting, the flag-raising ceremony, seminars, group discussion and other forms take the way of combining centralization and decentralization, multi-angle, multi-channel, make students understand AIDS prevention knowledge, effect is significant.

  At the beginning of this period, under the support of the global fund, plain AIDS project office, in a timely manner for the junior middle school students in our school for free a batch of the text.

  In accordance with the relevant spirit of the county 最好癫痫病医院AIDS project office in our school, combining the reality of our school, through health education, includes forms again presented a new AIDS knowledge education.






  AIDS has become a topic of common concern to the people of the world. How to prevent AIDS has become a topic of attention. Everyone knows the horror of AIDS, which is called the "devil". So, what is a "devil" in the end?

  Generally speaking, AIDS is the human immune system was damaged by a virus called "HIV", so the body loses resistance, not with those of life-threatening bacteria fighting, so that the body has a variety of incurable infections and tumors, eventually lead to a severe infection of infectious disease deaths.

  It is understood that about 39 million 500 thousand people worldwide are infected with 癫痫病人会死吗AIDS, increasing 4 million 300 thousand people every year. That is to say, every 8 seconds in the world, 110 thousand people will be infected with AIDS, and 8000 infected people will be killed every day. What an amazing number this is.

  So, how can AIDS be contagious? It is caused by blood, unclean sexual intercourse, drug use or intravenous injection and mother to child transmission. Some people ask whether AIDS is very serious? This is of course, because the HIV - induced infectious disease is a very high death rate, and its mortality rate is second in all diseases. AIDS is like a sudden wind, "Shua" all of a sudden in you did not know the situation has spread rapidly.

  In our country, what is the epidemic of AIDS? Since 1985, only a few people have been infected each year, most of them are people who come to China abroad, or people from our country. It lasted about four or five years. By the end of the 80s of the last century, the first pandemic appeared: China began the epidemic of AIDS on the Yunnan border. Since the middle of the 90s, a rapid growth period has been developed, which is characterized by a rapid spread of the whole cou癫痫病危害有哪些ntry. From 1994 to now, nearly 10 years have been growing at a rate of more than 40%.






  AIDS is not only harmful to the AIDS patients, bring heavy burden to the family, but also directly affect the development of the national economy, social stability, national prosperity, national prosperity of survival, it seems that AIDS is not only a threat to every person, every family, but also threaten the whole country, the social influence development and stability, visible AIDS prevention is the responsibility of the wh治疗癫痫民间偏方ole society.

  AIDS is indeed very scary, but HIV infected people and AIDS patients are still our good friends. They should not get prejudice and discrimination, but from social and personal care.

  The AIDS virus is highly contagious, but some daily behavior can not spread AIDS, such as hugging, shaking hands, a public toilet, eat together, talk, share of labor supplies, school supplies and so on, so we should have a correct understanding of AIDS transmission, to treat HIV with the correct attitude of the infected people and AIDS patients.




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